19 July 2007

ParkatmyHouse & Nestoria

Mapping Sites integrating each others information

"ParkatmyHouse.com is a brand new and innovative service which aims to provide affordable and penalty-free parking around public venues by enabling property-owners to rent out their empty driveways, garages, car parks and other spare pieces of land to drivers needing somewhere to park.

Motorists and cyclists on their way to work, a big sports match or a hospital appointment for example, can arrange to use a property-owner’s space on a one-off or regular, short-term or long-term basis. Underground and garage spaces offer drivers the added benefits of shelter and security for their vehicles."


updates now this information is available at Nestoria

Nestoria have recently integrated all of our (parking) spaces in to their website. Do you need a flat in Victoria? Well now you can also find out where you can park, be it in a commercial car park or at one of our user’s many driveways. Simply click on the Parking tab below the map, and nearby parking opportunities are displayed as pins on the map as displayed on the image below."


Mapperz like the way the data is unique and informative on both sites, where ParkatmyHouse is a specific site it adds value to information on localities with Nestoria

Only a suggestion but Directions is a potentially useful option, how far to the parking location from where I am?

Rent a Parking Space with ParkatmyHouse.com

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