04 July 2007

Intelligent Free UK Geocoder - All in One.

Update: Just added [Map-Satellite-Hybrid] Controls
Please use the Official Method

Twickenham RFC in Satellite Mode

So you can now see Sports Stadiums

Mapperz looked into revamping the UK Geocoder.

and now rolled it into one.

You can now search UK Addresses, UK Postcodes, Global Airports and Global Place names and find the Latitude and Longitude for all of them - to those who don't know what this is called, it is called Geocoding.

Here are a few Examples to get you searching

London Heathrow Airport, you can use the code 'LHR'
Under the Map is the Latitude and Longitude displayed 'up to' full 12 decimal places (but you only need 6 decimal places for the likes of using Google Maps)

UK Geocoder Airports - LHR

Now for a famous Address
10 Downing Street, Westminster, London, UK

UK Geocoder Addresses - 10 Downing Street

Now how about a large sporting venue?
Twickerham Rugby Football Club. You got it

UK Geocoder Points Of Interest - Twickerham RFC

And Famous Postcodes
(Edinburgh Castle)

UK Geocoder Postcode - EH1 2NG
Please note if you move/pan on the map the lat and lng is automatically updated.
This is simple and smart. Hence why Mapperz likes it.

How is this done?
This is using Google Map API and Google AJAX Search API - Local Search which was improved for UK last week.
Mapperz just displays the returns the Latitude and Longitude at centre of the map after the information is parsed and centred using Local Search.

to remove the icons - just reload the page 'Ctrl F5'.

The Code is available via View>Page Source 'Ctrl+U'

If you want to have your own version you will need change the
Google Maps API Key
Google AJAX API Key
And find a Webserver (Mapperz using Google Pages in this case)

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