22 June 2007

ViaMichelin API Geocodes UK Addresses

ViaMichelin API Geocodes UK Addresses

Michelin Maps API - London Map

Works like other Mapping API's out there but is more specific to the European user

    Geocoder UK Manual showing AlertUK Address Geocoded Alert

      This Geocoder Requests a UK address and returns the lat and lng in an 'alert'
            Yes a bit manual at present, but if your a dab good at Javascript - you can add the map element request an address and have it return on the map.

            ViaMichelin API Map Features:

            • Michelin's high quality maps on-line
            • Driving Directions with 7 types of itinerary : ‘recommended by Michelin’, ‘shortest’, ‘quickest’, ‘economical’, ‘scenic’, ‘on foot’, ‘by bike’.

            • Assure a seamless integration with your site’s look and feel by customizing the colour, opacity and stroke width of the itinerary path displayed on the ViaMichelin map.

            • A proximity and booking search engine, unique in Europe, integrates over 40,000 hotels

            • Checking address and geocoding for exceptional accuracy

            • Implemented entirely in JavaScript, a simple, standard technology!

            If you like this you can sign up (free) to use this service

            Thanks to http://www.renalid.com/ (in French)

            More information on the ViaMichelin Blog

            (ViaMichelin is a subsidiary of Michelin)


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