08 June 2007

Google Developer Day 2007 - Map Slides

Reference Links for the main features that were unveiled from Google Developer Day 2007 in London.

Yes there is Adsense Code for Google Maps API but is not available until the 2.82 version of the API.


Google Maps API Adsense
Adsense in Google Maps API
Source: Mapperz (N95)

The Maps API allows you to embed geographical information into your site using JavaScript, you can add overlays to your map including markers, polylines and shadowed information windows. It is a great way to enhance your current site content and best of all, using the Google Maps API is free. To learn more and to find out whether your site meets the terms of use, visit the Maps API FAQ.

more information

Driving Directions now available in Google Maps API

Mapperz Example
(though does not support UK driving directions thus far)

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At Monday, June 11, 2007 6:26:00 pm, Blogger Michael Tyler said...

don't they post all this stuff on youtube.
if you visit the googledeveloperday2007 you can watch the events broadcast over videostream.


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