05 June 2007

Map Transport Icons Clickable - Google Maps

Map Icons Clickable - Google Maps this means that you can plan your bus, train, tram, monorail journey quicker from Google Maps.

Clickable Icons in Google Maps Show Transportation Timetables


Now click on the tube icon.

Here is a list of the available transport information (Official)
0 - Tram
1 - Subway (Tube)
2 - Rail
3 - Bus
4 - Ferry
5 - Cable car
6 - Gondola
7 - Funicular (Cliff Railway)

Seems to work better in Switerzand and North America - UK just links through to

http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk/ but with the locational information.

Another useful though little know tip for Google Map users out there.


Official Blog Post: Hop on the bus, Gus. Or the train. Or the subway.

And if you know of an online transit site that could provide live feeds directly to the map users there is guidelines available here to do this.

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