01 April 2007

Nokia N95 - part 1, The Navigator (Smart2go)

Nokia N95 - part 1, The Navigator (Smart2go)

N95 in Action in Car
Image source: allaboutsymbian

A first clear and detailed review of the N95 (super duper smart phone) and the Smart2go mapping application.
Officially Released Tomorrow (2nd April 2007) in the UK.

in summary the review points out:
the pluses +
  • maps are basically completely free
  • option to have all maps stored on your expansion card or to grab them as needed over GPRS or 3G (cheaper to get them via wifi)
  • Navigation always intuitive
  • Route planning was as good as any other
  • 2D and 3D view Mapping (like a TomTom)
  • The zoom/scale is adjusted dynamically
minuses -
  • Navigation is not free (approx £30 (€50)) per year for turn by turn info
  • tediously slow, nokia maploader servers are slow due to high demand (leave overnight to download)
  • Battery life in GPS mode is approximately 1 hour from a full charge (best used with 12v car charger for navigation)
N95 in Action Reading Map
Image source: allaboutsymbian

Overall this combination of an all in one smart device and mapping is the start of bring all the 'now' technologies (gps,wifi,3g etc) together to make a very useful and handy for everyday life.

read in more detail at http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/reviews/item/Nokia

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At Sunday, April 01, 2007 4:06:00 pm, Blogger steverobbo said...

Using Smart2Go on the E61, it seems very good value to me. The maps are free anyway, and I've added navigation for far less than a commercial package would be from the likes of TomTom.
I agree that battery life is very poor using Smart2Go, and you have to ensure a charger is plugged-in all the time.


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