25 April 2007

Google Spreadsheets - Geocoding

Google Spreadsheets - Geocoding (well almost...)

Mapperz looking for London (UK), but gets the wrong London!

*Please note this is not a full solution and it might seem to geocode, but check all locations.

Not really documented on the geocoding side but the is =GoogleLookup function that seems to understand "latitude" and "longitude" in a request formula in Google Spreadsheets

Here is an example (google account holders can edit and see the function)

Google Spreadsheets Geocoding Nearly
Note 'London' is not London,UK but London (Kentucky)

Same goes with Paris, no it's not Paris, France but Paris, Kentucky

detecting a pattern here?

But potentially a useful service, though some standards are needed to be able to get the correct users location, maybe "Location, State/County, Country"

For more information on this have a look at Ogle Earth post on it.

Sticking to having lat and lng fields in the spreadsheet and using google maps with
(copy and paste that code, if doing lots create a bookmark, FireFox works best)

More details on that script on a previous post.

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