16 April 2007

Get A Little Extra - Tesco Maps

Get A Little Extra - Tesco Store locater maps
Easy uncomplicated store and nearest stores locater, click on icons (markers) for the opening times, address and contact numbers.
Tesco Map
"Find Tesco store locations on a Virtual Earth map of the UK with an optional satellite image overlay. Hover the mouse over a location to get directions, or click on the name of the store to view its address, phone number and store hours."


  • Tesco Extra (the largest stores)
  • Tesco Express (small convenience stores)
  • Tesco Metro (food only small stores)

There are more out there than you think!

Uses Microsoft Virtual Earth,Live Local, Live Maps (enter another name here in two days).

"It's been named MSN Virtual Earth, Windows Live Local, Windows Live Maps, Live Search Maps and now Live Maps."
Official Source Virtual Spaces Blog


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At Monday, April 16, 2007 9:15:00 am, Blogger James said...

"Easy uncomplicated" - I'm afraid I cannot agree. The store locator doesn't work in Safari and there is no text-based alternative to enable you to find addresses and opening hours of Tesco stores.

Telling you to use another browser isn't good enough for such mission-critical information.

At Monday, April 16, 2007 12:53:00 pm, Blogger Mapperz said...

Never have used Safari - would contact Tesco and tell them.
Consider this.
Mapperz Blog Browsers Stats

40.00% MSIE 6.0
26.00% Firefox 2.0.0
19.00% MSIE 7.0
5.00% Firefox 1.5.0
3.00% Safari 1.2

Mapperz uses IE7 and FF2 to review and browse websites.


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