17 March 2007

WMS & WFS Google Maps + KML

Oxford Archaeology opened up their data with a Web Mapping Service

Online Archaeology
has a good couple articles on both services. In summary here:
  • Web Mapping Service (WMS) produces maps of spatially referenced data dynamically from geographic information.
wms service in google maps online archeology
Live link for WMS

  • Web Feature Service (WFS) is an interface allowing requests for geographical features across the web using platform-independent call.
wfs service in google maps
Live Link for WFS

The future of Web Features/Map Services?
These services will have to make room for the KML (Keyhole Markup Langauge) format that seems to becoming a standard in its own right.

And the inclusion of this 'GGeoXML' integrating kml format with Google Maps API
hinted on the Google Maps API group in the next version of the API (2.76) has great potential in making thousands of features available to view to the world.
When available will have a post here on the mapperz blog about it.

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