30 March 2007

Find the Vine - Search by Grape or Wine

A nice website for all you wine connoisseurs (including mapgirl)

Find the wine map site
Search by Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) or by grape.

Nice and clean website findthevine.com full of wines from France and a Google Map showing you the geographical locations where the grapes vines and wine production is.

Find the wine google map
Notice the Gpolygon from the Google Maps API is used on this site.

"I'd been wanting to learn more about French wine, so hit upon the idea of merging the legal texts about French A.O.C's from http://www.inao.gouv.fr/ with Google maps, to represent where different wines are grown.
Your post http://mapperz.blogspot.com/2007/01/google-maps-and-topology.html was very helpful in getting the GPolygon working in IE6."
Graham King - Google Map Maker and wine enthusiast (http://www.darkcoding.net/index.php)

mapperz reply - your very welcome.

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