14 February 2007

Live Search for Mobile - Maps and Directions

Live Search for Mobile - Maps and Directions
Microsoft's Answer to Yahoo! Local Go (Gamma), Nokia MapLoader(Smart2Go), Google Maps Mobile

"Microsoft has announced that Live Search is now available as a software client application on Windows Mobile and Java devices. These Live Search applications claim to represent the latest innovation in mobile search from Microsoft, and are aimed at providing customers with fast, easy access to local listings and maps."
World Next GenerationLive Search for Mobile
New features :
  • Category based search (no need to type text into the phone)
  • Map all results
  • Aerial imagery
  • Local traffic status (in selected cities)
  • GPS integration
  • Send locations to a friend

Live Search for Mobile Directions

To find out if your phone will work with this check these links

Download Java applications at http://mobile.search.live.com
Or directly to their mobile phone at http://wls.live.com

Mapperz will do a round up in March after testing all these new mapping applications.

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