23 February 2007

Google Maps - Paint

Friday Fun?

A useful tool for fun, messages, or just to escape boredom for five minutes...

Google Maps Paint
image source: http://groups.google.com/group/

Created by Pamela Fox (Google Maps API Team Member)

Instructions on use:

"Click to mark where you want to begin painting, then drag to start
painting. Click color swatch to choose new color.
I put the polygon count at the bottom so you can understand why your
computer starts going slooower and slower.

You'll notice paintbrush acts "stamp-like" in that the slower you
draw, the more spaced out the paint samples are. This seems due to how
often the drag event gets triggered, but I haven't verified that. "

Tip from Mapperz - use the North/South and East/West Control Arrows to Pan the Map to your chosen location

Get Painting Maps!

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