07 February 2007

Google Earth, More Buildings & More Google Maps

Google Earth, More London 3D buildings

Google Earth London More 3D Buildings

Google Maps in Google Earth
Google Maps in Google Earth London

Google Maps in Google Earth LondonGoogle Maps Rotated in Google Earth London
Rotation of Google Maps in Google Earth

Mapperz Source and more useful information: Google Earth Blog

"this is a handy thing worth keeping in your "My Places" and turning on when you need a map-like perspective, but still in 3D. (Tip: you can adjust the transparency by changing the parameter in the network link from &TRANS=80 to 100 - no transparency, 0 - fully transparent)"

Mapperz agrees very worthy of 'My Places' and that a good tip on transparency.

Google Earth is now available for the Apple Mac using OS X 10.3.9+
more information here

Google Earth Download Page

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