26 January 2007

LookLocal Maps (now beta 2)

LookLOCAL is an online mapping and location based search site. Access and compare data from Google Maps, Yahoo! Local Maps, and Live Search Maps. View over 6,000 traffic cams, import your own KML layers. LookLOCAL is becoming a personalised online mapping portal.

LookLocal Maps Google with Driving Directions

"We built the site to integrate the search results and data from the three main online map providers. The idea being that it provides the user with the best of all three through a single seamless interface. Thanks for pointing out the zoom box. I've seen those and they are helpful for navigating. The zoom tool on our site is a thin client version of our patented Pliable Display Technology. The idea behind this type of visualization is that you can view additional detail without zooming the bigger picture (your context) off of the screen.

LookLocal Maps Live Local with Driving DirectionsLookLocal Maps Yahoo Map with Driving Directions

The beta 2 version now includes traffic cameras (North America and the UK), listings for some of the world's favourite travel destinations, and the ability to represent multimedia files on a map.

A worthwhile look at the development labs to for:

  • LookOUT is a great new add-in for Microsoft® Outlook® that enables you to easily map a location or find directions straight from your Outlook Contacts window.
  • The new LookLOCAL toolbar extension for Firefox® allows you to map search results or find directions directly from your Firefox browser toolbar.
  • LookWMS is a PDT-enabled Java Web Map Client with several unique features that enable you to access maps from servers that implement the OpenGIS® WMS specification.


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At Sunday, January 28, 2007 3:50:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it's not currently supported on a Mac.


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