11 January 2007

iPhone Maps

Update on the Device Name.
Apple seem to have forgotten an internet search on 'iPhone'
hence CISCO Systems are suing them for using their trademark name.

New names for Apple (for Free)
"Wireless Dog and Bone" (Cockney (East London) slang for Phone)
"ILMTCMD" (Internet lightweight multi-touch communications mobile device)
iTelephone is also CISCO

but PhonePod more likely

The CISCO iPhone (yes little "i")

Like creating a search engine or map search and calling Google 2.0/Google Maps 2.0
(no not intending to Google Inc)

More on this from BBC News

iPhone works with Google Maps see here (quicktime required)

iPhone with Google Maps

"With Google Maps and iPhone’s amazing Maps application, you can view maps and satellite images, or get directions and traffic information, all from iPhone’s remarkable, easy-to-use touch interface."

But wheres the GPS? to tell you, your not lost.

Might look pretty but who has used one?

Nokia might have the edge with the N95 (has GPS integrated)

One question for both products. Battery Life?

Update with Phone Specifications (Official)
iPhone Spec
N95 Spec

Remember at the end of the day it is your choice


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