07 January 2007

Google Earth Beta 4 Updates

Update via Ogle Earth

  • US Congress information has been updated to reflect the 110th Congress (Senators and Representatives) who took office on January 4th.
  • Updated content from the GeoWeb layer data sources (example, more than double the number of Panoramio photos)
  • Updates to other data layers (Volcanoes, ESA images, Tracks4Africa, etc.)
  • Updates to GEC [Google Earth Community] content to capture latest posts there.
    ...and as always, lots of subtle changes to refine both client at data.

  • The Overview Map - View> Overview Map (Ctrl +M)
  • New Layers and Content - Yelp Reviews, 3D Buildings (from 3D Warehouse), Roads of Brazil, Geographic Web (more Panoramio photos) and Sunrise Earth
Google Earth New Buildings Textures

Seems the big upadates are available with Google Earth 4 beta this allows to view higher quality 3D Buildings - many of which are photo-textured. Mapperz recommends that you install Google Earth 4 beta (build 4.0.2722) because it loads these models faster than the previous releases.

Source and more details: Google Earth Blog

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