28 May 2010

Spacebits.eu Launch Map

Spacebits.eu Launch Map (Live Tracking on 30th May 2010)

Spacebits1 live tracking map
The Launch and Tracking Dashboard.
This will be the Live Dashboard for the official launch of Spacebits 1 which is scheduled for the 30th of May, 2010, 11AM UTC/GMT+1.

Time of launch on other cities in the world.

  • 03:00AM Los Angeles USA
  • 06:00AM New York USA
  • 07:00PM Tokyo, Japan
The Project
"The goal for this project is to launch an High Altitude Balloon (HAB) with a computer probe to near space in Portugal. The Helium filled Balloon will go as high as 30.000 meters (that's about 100.000 feet), to the stratosphere, then explodes and the probe falls with a parachute and is recovered on earth."

Location of Launch
Scheduled for launching the Balloon on 30th of May, 2010 at Castro Verde, Portugal.

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For much more information on the Project please visit http://spacebits.eu/

The Live Map will be here http://spacebits.eu/live (a demo mode is currently available).

Setup - http://spacebits.eu/page/spacebits1live.html

Good Luck to the Spacebits1 launch. follow on http://twitter.com/flyspacebits

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