25 July 2006

Retro GIS ESRI ArcVoyager

James Fee, still waits (as we all do) for ArcGIS Explorer to be released (even in beta status) and has been having a retrospective view of past GIS applications.
This caught mapperz eye.

ArcVoyager Lighweight GIS

One such program was ESRI's ArcVoyager
Sounds more like space exploration than a lightweight desktop GIS.
It is still available to download.

Oh how we have moved on... thankfully.

"ArcGIS Explorer will be available with the release of ArcGIS 9.2." (this line has been subject to change from the ESRI Website since April 2006.)
So now due October 2006 for the USA and due to shipping 6-8 weeks later for UK users.


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