08 June 2006

Google Map Maker | Making Maps Simple for Everyone|

Make a google map in seconds....no programming knowledge needed :o)

1. Navigate using the map controls to the place you want to add your marker.
2. Activate the controls.
3. Click on the map to place to add a marker.
4. Give your marker a name and add some content for it's popup.
5. Click the 'Add marker' button and your marker will appear on the map.
6. Repeat steps 1 - 5 to add as many markers as you need
7. Click the Generate code button.Copy the code to a page on your website and change the API key and the link to your marker graphics.
8. Get your own API key from Google

Making Maps Simple for Everyone.

All Credit goes Richard Stephenson DonkeyMagic good work Richard.


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