07 June 2006

Microsoft® MapPoint® 2006

Screenshot of GPS with Map in Microsoft MapPoint 2006
Microsoft® MapPoint® 2006
New Features include:
  • Use updated geographic and demographic data sets in MapPoint to display trends and illustrate key points on maps.
  • The new GPS task pane uses information from your connected, compatible GPS device to display your current location, speed and traveling direction.
  • New Driving Guidance finds your location from a connected GPS device and combines it with a route you have created to give you voice-prompted driving directions.
  • New Location Finder uses your computer’s wireless network capability and a database of known WiFi access points to display your location on maps, even if you do not have a GPS device.
  • New Map style for low-light conditions makes it easier to view maps on your laptop computer.
European Version is due for release Summer 2006. Prices ($ and €)


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