18 January 2011

FME 2011 - Released

FME 2011 - Released

FME 2011 release today

"Probably the best Feature Manipulation Engine [FME] GIS/CAD conversion software you can get."

FME 2011 - Released

FME 2011 release "story through some numbers"

Top Pick from Mapperz #osm data reader and writer!

  • 25,000: Approximate number of CPU hours spent on the automated testing of FME 2011
  • 8320: Number of automated tests run each weekend
  • 8304: Number of source code check-ins on the FME 2011 code tree
  • 6249: Number of automated tests run on each daily FME build
  • 2602: Number of documented development tasks closed during FME 2011
  • 1008: Number of in-person attendees at FME User Meetings during calendar 2010
  • 592: Number of unique customer requests resolved with FME 2011
  • 416: Number of transformers shipped with FME 2011
  • 265: Number of formats supported by FME 2011
  • 201: Number of builds of FME 2011 that have been made (so far)
  • 20: Number of hours of CPU a complete test run takes on the fastest platform
  • 15: Number of months that we’ve been actively developing on FME 2011
  • 11: Average percentage speedup of FME 2011 vs. FME 2010 across all tests which run for more than 7 seconds
  • 5: Number of platforms the above tests are run on
  • 1: FME 2011 Gold master DVD shipped off to the press

"All these numbers add up to what we believe is the highest quality, most powerful, and most usable FME ever."

Driven by User Feedback
FME have been able to implement so many excellent suggestions from users (many of which we received during our user meetings throughout the year) – including:

    a) Ability to work with LiDAR and point cloud data
    b) Templates to get you started down the right path
    c) Convenient SQL Querying
    d) Scheduling and a REST API for FME Server
    e) A greatly expanded set of Tester predicates
    f) Inline data inspection – “workspace debugging” if you like. No more waiting for a translation to finish to see what the results are
    g) “Styler” transformers for customizing CAD output
    h) More powerful XML support
    i) Support for cloud options (Windows Azure, Google Spreadsheet, etc)


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At Tuesday, January 18, 2011 9:10:00 pm, Anonymous Matt said...

It sounds like good software. But I spent about 3 min clicking dozens of links on their website to find out how much it costs. It looks like there are dozens of different versions and license levels, and the only way to get the cost is to call or email them. Which makes me guess it's crazy expensive. Lame. Why so complicated?

At Wednesday, January 19, 2011 7:32:00 pm, Anonymous Dale Lutz said...

Thanks for the writeup. In all the excitement, it is easy for me to forget we added OSM writing, thanks for highlighting that. I think for many folks that is going to be very handy, particularly as more organizations move to play in the OSM space.

Thanks again!


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