18 October 2010

Open Street Map Potlatch 2 Public Alpha

Open Street Map Potlatch 2 Public Alpha

Major changes in the interface for editing Open Street Map online.

"You know it. You love it. It's the editor on the main OSM web site. It's Potlatch and it's had some serious renovations. It's so new that now it has a new name, "Potlatch 2". But before Potlatch 2 can go live on the OpenStreetMap web site, it has to be put through it's paces. After more than a year of development, Potlatch 2 is a complete re-write of Potlatch. It has new features too numerous to mention, but for the most important feature; it is an editor for OpenStreetMap. So let's test it. "

Open Street Map Potlatch 2 Public Alpha
Editing is made easier with the legend based editor. Now based in Flash [Potlatch 2 is written in ActionScript 3 using the Flex framework] and more stable than its predecessor.
Backgrounds are easier to control (OS Streeview OpenData shown above)

Open Street Map Potlatch 2 POI
Point of Interest editing (Image source: OSM Wiki)

Try it you might like it.
If you want to test this new editor that is now in public alpha you can at

Hopefully this will be implemented in the Open Street Map main site soon.

Techies might be interested to know that this can deployed on your own website.

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