13 September 2010

World War Two: Battle of Britain Maps

World War Two: Battle of Britain Maps

MSN has teamed up with Shoothill to present an interactive overview of the Battle of Britain. Zoom into a mosaic of archive images and documents; compare present-day maps with maps and charts showing bomb damage during the Blitz; and view high-resolution Photosynths of iconic RAF aircraft."

This is one of the 'Best Bing Interactive Maps' for 2010 (and 1940)

World War Two: Battle of Britain Maps

The TimeMap is based on Bing Maps Silverlight Control. It shows original maps, reconnaissance imagery and target documents of the German Luftwaffe. You can navigate to various locations through quick links in a target list for London and Coventry.
  • The TimeScope can be dragged around to explore the location
  • The TimeSlider lets you switch between various historic maps and satellite imagery and the Documents.
  • DeepZoom - Compositions of the original target documents within the TimeScope.

Click for large view on the Map Controls, TimeSlider and TimeScope.

View the maps here:

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At Sunday, October 10, 2010 8:45:00 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Very interesting, thanks. I wonder if any opensource webmapping solution can provide this type of visualisation, a draggable map into a map.


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