09 September 2010

Points of Control Map

Points of Control Map - The Battle for the Network Economy

Points of Control Map
Social Networks and industry leaders battle it out over this 'Points of Control' Map. You can add your own comments and link up with social networking. Then see the map grow over the coming weeks.

Build the Map...

"In the coming weeks, we plan to add a game of sorts – we’ll be asking you to lay out which companies the incumbents should be buying as they circle each other across this landscape. From the tiny to the massive, we’d like to see who you think will be snatched up next.

For now, we know that we have certainly missed things – probably a lot of things. And no doubt our initial choices of players, and the amount of territory they control, is worthy of debate (as is, most likely, our sense of humor). That’s why we want your input. We’ve created a commenting layer throughout the map, and we will be incorporating your input into future revisions. We’re not happy with the name for the Location Based Services territory, for example, and we’re still trying to figure out how to deal with the carriers (who isn’t!?)."

More than any time in the history of the Web, incumbents in the network economy are consolidating their power and staking new claims to key points of control.

Meanwhile, insurgents both large and small are hoping to gain footholds or take ground in new territories.

Map control

As simple as using the Google Map, plus add your own content, and help make the map grow.

Pan and Zoom to explore the map, and click the icons to get some insight about each player and their position.

Then, turn on the comments view to discuss the map with others and add your own ideas!

Also, bring the conversation to Twitter using hashtag #w2smap. We'll be listening!




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