21 June 2010

UKFreeTV Creates Freeview Digital Coverage Map

UKFreeTV Creates Freeview Digital Coverage Map (Beta)

Over the last month Mapperz has seen this excellent (though still in beta) Google Map Mashup develop with comments and feedback from users of this free service being acknowledged by the creator.
[which is 100 times better than the official site that can only do postcodes searches but no visualisation]
The site is developed and maintained by @briantist (Brain Butterworth) and well done for taking the time to compile and map UK Digitial TV Coverages which does include Freeview HD coverage.

UKFreeTV  Creates Freeview Digital Coverage Map Example

Yellow is the area where the transmitter provides the best signal, green is where there is overlap and the selected transmitter is not the strongest signal.

Example: http://www.ukfree.tv/transmitters.php?P=RH130TR&s=map

The green/yellow fades to white where the signal is weakest.

Other Features:
The new Freeview prediction system - includes Freeview HD
  • Now with any date choice
  • Terrain mode (beta) - profile see below
UKTV digital TV map terrain profile
Terrian or Profiles of the Transmitters to your choosen location (postcode)

There are five different views
  • By direction: this will show the various directions your aerial might point and the services you can receive from the transmitters in that direction
  • Received signal strength: this shows the information ordered by signal strength, to help you find the strongest signals.
  • By frequency: this lists broadcast frequencies from C21 to C68, showing the services on each. This view can be used to find potential interference or to help with digital region overlap areas.
  • Service names: this lists the services that you can receive, each ordered by the strongest signal.
  • Transmitter names: and finally an alphabetical list of the transmitters with the services listed by broadcast frequency.

Note Terrain Mode(beta) the diagrams (can take several seconds to generate) below show the terrain between the selected location (postcode) and a number of transmitters. Green is used to denote ground, blue for water, with the transmitter on the right.

The values shown in meters are the height above sea level (for the receiver and transmitter aerials), the value in kilometres is the distance from the transmitter. Also shown as a value in degrees in the bearing, with each block being a kilometre step along the way.

Signal Strength
UKTV Digital TV by signal strength title=
Users can drill-down to individual channels if required.

Reception requires a line-of-sight between the transmitter and receiver aerial. Distant transmitters will, during periods of Inversion become visible and (unintentionally) they may adversely effect reception.



Map Example (RH130TR Postcode)

One of the best individual Google Map Mashups to date (21th June 2010).

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