20 April 2010

London Marathon Map 2010 - Now with StreetView

London Marathon Map 2010 - Now with StreetView

Racing starts 9.00am BST on Sunday 25th April 2010

9am Elite Women's Race Starts
9.25am Wheelchairs Race Starts
9.45am Elite Men's Race Starts
9.45am Mass Race Starts

London Marathon Map 2010 - Now with StreetView
Runner and Spectators can use the map to find locations around the course.
Use the interactive Timeline Bar to find out when lead runners go past.
Streetview is available now to view the location also.

London Marathon Map 2010 - Legend
Look out for Crowd Density Mapping - live on the race day


Road Closures [pdf]

improvement on last years map (2009)

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At Sunday, April 25, 2010 12:05:00 pm, Blogger danio said...

It's a shame the runner position markers don't update live on the day, and that there's no integration with the runner report.


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