15 March 2010

CycleStreets.net Easy Cycle Routes Maps

CycleStreets.net Easy Cycle Routes Maps

Some really nice implementations making cycle route planning much easier and user friendly.
CycleStreets.net Namefinder Geocoder

As well as adding postcode search support recently, CycleStreets.net this week upgraded the general street/place finding system geocoder. Default map is Open Street Map (Cycle Map) but Google Streets and Google Satellite are available via the map controls. Image source: http://www.cyclestreets.net/blog/2010/03/14/geocoder-upgraded/

Some tips for quicker searches are:

  • If the map is zoomed out, ideally include a city name as well, so that it knows what area to look in
  • If you do specify a city, add a comma before it, e.g. “York Street, Cambridge” rather than just “York Street Cambridge”
  • Note that lower-case text works the same as Capitalised Text.
f you decide to follow the suggested journey below please take extra care on unfamiliar sections - proceed at your own risk as route quality cannot be guaranteed.

Journey can be customised into 3 types of cycling
  1. Fastest route
  2. Balanced route
  3. Quietest route

CycleStreets.net Route with Photo

Gradient, Wiggliness and number of Traffic lights are also factored in for your journey on your bike.

Quietness: 83 % Quiet (shhh at the back!)
Traffic signals:at junctions
Wiggliness: 0%. (like it)
Specific Leaving 11.09am, Arriving Times 11.29am.

CycleStreets.net Route with UK Streetview
Now the UK has Full Google Streeview coverage it can be added to almost any cycle route you now plan.

Plan your route on bike, tandem, trike by using this mapping site:


Very good work
For more information and details on the technological (gecoder) aspects visit

Please Note:
CycleStreets beta: Not all areas have complete cycle route data yet. CycleStreets is UK-wide with over 1500+ locations http://www.cyclestreets.net/area/

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At Monday, March 15, 2010 12:11:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Journey can be customised into 3 types of cycling"

That's not actually correct - all three are shown automatically - it doesn't need to be customised by the user.


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