18 February 2010

New Google Maps domains in 29 African Countries

New Google Maps domains in 29 African CountriesGoogle Maps Ghana
Example Ghana Google Maps - http://maps.google.com.gh/ in Beta

Google Maps users can now find local businesses, towns, highways, or roads. This could be a burger place in Lagos, a garage in Kampala, a hairdresser in Accra or an airport shuttle in Dakar. Any business anywhere can add their own business listing for free via the Google Maps Local Business Centre.

South Africa gets its own mobile site - http://www.google.com/intl/en_za/mobile/

The active list so far: 18 of 29...

http://maps.google.co.ke/ Kenya
http://maps.google.com.na/ Nambia
http://maps.google.com.ng/ Nigeria
http://maps.google.com.et/ Ethiopia
http://maps.google.com.sl/ Sierra Leone
http://maps.google.cg/ Congo, Republic of,
http://maps.google.ci/Côte d'Ivoire
http://maps.google.dj/ Djibouti
http://maps.google.ga/ Gabon
http://maps.google.gm/ The Gambia
http://maps.google.com.gh/ Ghana
http://maps.google.mw/ Malawi
http://maps.google.sn/ Senegal
http://maps.google.co.mz/ Mozambique
http://maps.google.co.bw/ Botswana
http://maps.google.co.tz/ Tanzania
http://maps.google.co.zm/ Zambia
http://maps.google.co.zw/ Zimbabwe


Google Maps API Geocoder now uses the Localised versions
Example Ghana (Major Roads, MapMaker Additions)
Please use the Google Spreadsheet for more countries covered.


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