23 February 2010

London Interactive Movie Map

London Interactive Movie Map

"Film London has created this new online resource so that you can discover or revisit sites where some of the most memorable scenes in the history of cinema took place. Search by type of film - from romantic flicks to action-packed movies or period dramas - or explore by viewing different parts of London."

Love Films and Love London? This map brings the two together.

Film London Movie Map
Click on the left-hand sidebar to choose your genre and see the suprising amount of new and old films that have been partially or fully made in London.

Choose from:

"London has inspired many truly memorable movies and for more than a century has welcomed world-class film-makers to tell their stories here. One of the most recognisable and widely used film locations in the world, the city itself has been the star of many great films from romantic comedies to action adventures, sci-fi thrillers and period dramas. The sheer range of London films demonstrates how cinema has become part of the fabric of the city with many places now instantly associated with moments from the silver screen."

Showcasing one of the most cinematic cities in the world, the Movie Map is the first project from the newly launched Love from London brand, Film London’s banner for its film-based tourism initiatives.

London residents, the city’s visitors, film buffs and anyone interested in the capital’s cultural heritage are invited to discover or revisit sites where some of the most memorable scenes in the history of cinema actually took place. Londoners and tourists alike may choose to have their own Brief Encounters at Regent’s Park boating lake, as seen in David Lean’s 1945 tale of forbidden love or watch out for signs of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’s ruinous Death Eaters before crossing the Millennium Bridge or even try to retrace Jason Bourne’s pursuit at Waterloo Station in The Bourne Ultimatum.

This map will be kept up-to-date.
The map is a live tool, it has been launched with just a small selection of locations and films but will be updated with more information and further layers. Help us build this resource and email us with your comments and suggestions* at lovefromlondon@filmlondon.org.uk
*film search option please

View the Interactive Google Map of Films in London

Official Press Release - http://www.filmlondon.org.uk/press_details.asp?NewsID=1831

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