05 February 2010

'Eye on Earth' EEA and Microsoft Bing Mapping

'Eye on Earth' EEA and Microsoft Bing Mapping

Green EU citizens are being encouraged to contribute their own environmental observations to a website.

The Eye on Earth platform is a joint venture between the European Environment Agency (EEA) and Microsoft.

Eye On Earth Bing Map


  • Air Quality
  • Air Quality Model
  • Bathing Waters

1 is Very Good (Dark Green)
5 is Very Bad (Red)

Overlaying Air Quality data from Official EEA sources and from 'user' feedback using Bing Maps.

An impressive language support exists for covering all European Languages.

View Eye on Earth - http://eyeonearth.cloudapp.net/

*The project makes use of Microsoft mapping software and Windows Azure - the "cloud"-based operating system.

Room for expansion:

"The EEA's future ambitions for the site stretch beyond water and air monitoring."



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