24 January 2010

Google Geocoder Suggests (Esa's Experiments)

Google Geocoder Suggests (Esa's Experiments)

Google has had the 'suggest' option on the main site for a while, yet when you go to the maps you need to know your destination, now you can get help with a geocoder extended with a suggest.

Ahead of the game with Google Map API is Esa with his impressive well thought out experiments.

Google Esa Geocoder Suggests
The example above typing in Bri... suggests 10 locations in Google's Geocoder that are located.
Very clean,very fast and extremely useful.

Without a Search button - http://koti.mbnet.fi/ojalesa/boundsbox/geocode_basic.htm

*Geocoders are not perfect, they should never be trusted, they are as only good as the accuracy of the original data they were derived from.

Custom Map Types:
Custom Map Types with Geocoder
Custom map Types - here Google Maps with Traffic is synchronised with OpenStreetMap
  • Image map type, like OpenStreetMap tiles in the example page
  • Image overlay map type, like the Traffic tiles in the example page
  • Non-image tile based map type

Image Map Type behaves just like the standard map types. Image Overlay tiles are displayed on top of the Image Map Types.
The non-image map type makes it possible to create tile layers with SVG, canvas or any html elements

Geocoder with Bounding Box - Extent
The v3 Geocoder has extent (Bounding Box) optional, Esa makes this visual with his Bounding Box Page, can be useful narrowing search requests within a specific area.


(many other examples too)

http://nuppineulat.blogspot.com/ (
http://apitricks.blogspot.com/ (English)

Many thanks to Esa for creating the examples and making them available to budding developers.

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