07 September 2009

ViaMichelin Maps - Speed Camera Data

ViaMichelin Maps - Speed Camera Data

ViaMichelin has had traffic information available across most of Europe for several months now.
Their Blog seems a little dated. So here is a little update.

Via Michelin Oxford UK Traffic Info

Speed camera data is now available as an additional overlay - this data can be useful when overlaying the traffic data. The data for speed cameras is fairly up-to-date (apart from Swindon)
note: mobile 'safety' cameras are not mapped.

Via Michelin  Speed Camera Info

Other Geo-related (loosly) news:

ViaMichelin GPS Products

Points of Interest:
Hotel and restaurant recommendations from the Michelin Guide, tourist locations from the Michelin Green Guide and thousands of useful and practical addresses throughout Europe

Safety Camera Locations: UK version or European version featuring Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Liechtestein, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain & United Kingdom.

MP3 Player for AudioTours (see below)


ViaMichelin Local (geo-advertising)
Geolocated advertising for the tourism and leisure sector is now available.

ViaMichelin Geo-Tourism
This includes 'Green-Guides' and AudioTours

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