03 September 2009

Ovi Maps News

Ovi Maps News
Nokia have released/updated some Ovi Apps Products

Of Mapping interest there are:

Developers that register for the programme will have access to the following:

  • Ovi Maps Player API – Bringing maps to mobile and web applications effortlessly. The API is powered by NAVTEQ and features more than 180 country maps, location-based search, and detailed place information. Other features include vector-based maps that give a range of views, including: map, terrain and 3D modes for dynamic map mash-ups. The Ovi Maps Player API for the web was introduced earlier this year.
  • Ovi Navigation Player API - Allowing developers to bring Nokia’s industry-leading walk and drive navigation features to their applications, including: pedestrian navigation, turn-by-turn car navigation, and route planning. Developers can deliver applications that get consumers exactly where they want to go.

Ovi Maps Player Example

"Introducing Maps Player - the brand-new, easy-to-use API for Ovi Maps. Maps Player makes it simple to integrate rich Ovi Maps functionality into your website, turning it into a personalised, contextual and compelling experience. "

here is one example

Ovi Maps Player POI

Unlike other Mapping API's available - [Nokia] Ovi Maps Player API gives developers access to their Point's of Interest (currently 3 million) Database.

POI Categories are:



Live Example:

Note: you cannot copy & paste the source code unless you have signed up to Ovi Maps Player API (beta) and have recieved 2 api keys from Nokia for specific domains

** For 3D view an Ovi Map Plugin is required and you will require a restart of you web browser.


More Information Link:


Ovi Navigation API
Ovi Maps Navigation Player API gives you access to the industry-leading Ovi Maps Walk and Drive navigation service, powered by NAVTEQ [Nokia Owned]. With just a few lines of JavaScript, you can add turn-by-turn pedestrian or car navigation to your Ovi apps. You can also add routing to your websites.
Ovi Navigation API
Ovi Navigation API - Drive, Walk & Cycle 'turn-by-turn' directions

Advanced vector maps allow routes matched to the needs of drivers and pedestrians – even when your users are offline.

Developers will be able to use simple, high-level interfaces to leverage turn-by-turn Walk and Drive navigation, with voice guidance in over 20 languages

Users are tired of seeing car routes recycled as "pedestrian". Give them a real Walk experience, with custom map display and enhanced DiscoverCities Navteq data.

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