03 August 2009

Cloudmade: Directions Africa Cape Town to Ethiopia

Cloudmade: Directions Africa Cape Town to Ethiopia

OpenStreetMap gets a boost with capable directions now across Africa

Africa Directions from Cape Town to Ethiopia click 'Hide' view the map route on the map.

view the url:

Other Cloudmade news
CloudMade partners release new mobile libraries

Raster Libraries

Vector Libraries

Nutiteq have long been a trusted CloudMade partner providing mobile libraries. They have now added CloudMade support for two leading mobile platforms - Blackberry and Android. Blackberry commands a high worldwide market share for smart phones and is the leading platform for email and enterprise. Google’s Android has set a new bar for open source mobile OSes, and we expect a number of new handsets to come to market during the remainder of this year. Both libraries give access to a full range of CloudMade services including custom image tiles, geosearch and routing.

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