23 July 2009

Google Maps Mobile (3.2) More Layers

Google Map Mobile (3.2) More Layers

Google Maps Mobile - More Layers
New Layers come to Google Maps for Mobile Devices

The new version, 3.2.0, adds a 'Layers' of information displayed on top of the map background to assist users to find out features and real-time incidents and transit information.

Google have updated Google Maps Mobile and there are new features such as:
  • Wikipedia Layer
  • Transit Layer - with real-time data
  • MyMaps Layer - add your own content from MyMaps.
  • Nearest features - search around your current map location.

Google Maps Mobile - Transit Layer
Layers make it easier and more useful to find and interact with geographic content, like public transit, traffic (with incidents!), local search results, Latitude friend locations, Wikipedia and more. You can also see your own My Maps content as a layer on Google Maps for mobile. And finally, multiple layers can be combined at the same time to give you a content-rich view of what's around you.

Google Maps Mobile - Wikipedia and Nearest Features

Updated Release Notes:

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At Thursday, July 23, 2009 9:35:00 am, Blogger Rafe said...

Thanks for the link to All About Symbian.

I find in particularly interesting to see Google allowing third parties into the layers ecosystem. Lots of possibilities there. Though I suspect the transit lines may be of more immediate use and Wikipedia has a good boredom filler factor.

At Friday, July 24, 2009 1:09:00 pm, Anonymous mdeals said...

Thanks for all information and Google have a fantastic feature.


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