12 June 2009

Yahoo Maps Updated [Europe]

Yahoo Maps Updated [Europe]

Yahoo Maps New Drag Directions
Now it is possible to drag the routes...
Yahoo Maps New Drag Directions - Compare Old and New Route
Yahoo draggable routes, with option to revert back to original, also compares the route distance.

Other new features & updates
In response to users feedback Yahoo made some major improvements to Yahoo Maps

  • Faster loading time -No more waiting for the application to load - Dial-up mode removed
  • Language preference – Choose from one of the 5 European languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German*.
  • Interactive print page – Customize the print page to include only the information you need.
  • Personalised routing – Don’t like the route yahoo provide drag and drop the routes interactively.
  • Saved locations – For convenience, previously entered locations are automatically stored and available within Maps and elsewhere on Yahoo, such as Local and Weather.
  • Quickly look up places through auto-completion.
  • Waypoint support – Get driving directions for trips with multiple stops.
  • Save driving directions – Two places to save, Yahoo! Bookmarks and delicious
  • Zoom bar – now with the ‘+’ on top.
*Yahoo will be rolling out the same set of Maps improvements in Germany in the coming weeks.

Try it
(above example)

Yahoo Maps Europe main sites:
http://uk.maps.yahoo.com/ (UK)
http://fr.maps.yahoo.com/ (France)
http://de.maps.yahoo.com/ (Germany)
http://espanol.maps.yahoo.com/ (Spain)

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