15 June 2009

Nokia N97, Ovi Maps - The Mapperz Review

Nokia N97 Ovi Maps Review

"Ovi Maps is the new name for Nokia Maps."
Nokia have updated their mapping application.
Some good improvements and new content and new features and simpler cost structure.

Deleting Outdated Map Data
Old map data is recognised in the new software and will update the data, though depending on the amount of coverage you choose. Total for the entire world is towards 7GB. The UK is 156.5mb.
Pre-loading the maps will save you money in
'data transfer' costs over the mobile networks.

New Nokia Ovi Maps
Nokia Maps now Ovi Maps was updated last Thursday (11/06/09)

Satellite Status - BarSatellite Status - Radial
A quick note: Getting GPS Fixes faster. (less than a minute with 5 satellites
using standard GPS - no network based or A-GPS which uses the mobile
network to access GPS positional data)

The New N97 has more GPS details - in Applications>Location you can find
this in Position options Satellite Status will give you the signal strength of all
the GPS satellites available.
The view can be changed to Satellite display that gives the orbits on a radial
chart with sun and moon positions also. A nice feature, could this be implemented
in the Ovi Maps Application on the phone?

Back to the Maps:

What is New?
  • The map (vector) data has been completely updated
  • Current weather forecast information.
  • Speed Limit Warner
  • Saftey Spot Warner
  • Travel time or Time of Arrival option
  • Automatic 'Re-route' due to traffic option
  • Walking Directions has the option of straight-line distance to the destination.
  • Automatic 'Day/Night Time' Map mode.
  • Maps Improvement option.
  • *Compass mode (N97) Map rotates with you touch dragging (pan & zoom)
  • Search Nearby - vastly improved and more details available to users
  • Synchronisation with Ovi Maps Online. (confirmed this works very well)
  • Performance has been much improved (panning the map)
  • bugs fixed and is now a more stable application.
  • Better support and help - on phone or online option
Compass requires calibration before the function is available to use.

Traffic Information is now displayed on the Map even in 3D mode - Routes can be
automatic recalculated to avoid traffic incidents.

Smoothness, there has been a big improvement in the panning and zoom,
no jittering - when in driving navigating the map keeps up with the speed
of the vehicle. Navigation does repeat 3 times, one for advanced warning
- 350 yards. Then reminders at 50-30yds then 10 yards.

Walking mode does have the addition of straight line
'as the crow flies'
direction and distance.
(Golf players might use this to their advantage.)
Note the compass is 'green' meaning it is calibrated and active giving the
user the sense of bearing.
Walking Mode Straight line Navigation

Details on the map data:
v3.01 09wk24 b01 MV OpenGL LM MN
Map Version OpenbitLM 6.21.3

Data souces:
NavInfo (Traffic info)
Satellite Imagemap 2002 - Planetary Visions
Imagery - Digital Global 2008
Aronbado por el Insitututo Geografico Milltar 5 Sept 2008.

update 25th January 2010 - New devices N97 (June 2009 onwards) Navigation is now Free
for life of the Phone. see
Costs: (based on UK prices) - For Directions and Voice Navigation.
£52.99 for a year.(covers Europe).
£6.00 for 30 days.
£1.50 per day
*Pricing for other regions vary

1. Bug found: When using the 3D map option on the N97 - the touch screen only pans
upwards, the user cannot pan down the map.

Overall impressed with Nokia Ovi Maps 3 and where this application is going,
not only improving the software, the map data but introducing new and useful
features that engage and interacts with the user getting them to and from
locations conveniently.
Also the maps (vector data from Navteq now Nokia owned) are more up-to-date
than many online mapping
sources including TeleAtlas etc. (which Google uses).
At least areas that Mapperz has tested in so far.

This is the final beta stage of Ovi maps version 3. Expect the full release
in the next few weeks for
all current nokia phones that can support the application.

SportTracker Users will be happy to know that this is working for the N97 with
the touch screen controls.
Please visit Symbian World for more on this:

Ovi Maps is a free application for S60 devices, though extra features
'Directions and Voice Navigation'
require licences that can be purchased
through the application.
More information

More details on the N97 Mapperz recommends:


A very special thanks to the team at http://www.womworld.com/nokia/
for a very successful 'Search for N' competition.

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At Saturday, February 06, 2010 9:41:00 am, Anonymous OVI GOD said...

Ovi Maps (v3.03) that allowed free turn-by-turn navigation for the following cellphones (as of January 31, 2010): Nokia X6, Nokia N97 mini, E52, E55, E72, Nokia 6730 classic, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic

And it's all for FREE. Something tells me, this one is a winner release from Nokia. ALL OVI MAPS DETAILS COMPILED


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