12 May 2009

Ordnance Survey Openspace API - UPDATED

Ordnance Survey Openspace API - UPDATED

Now include access to Ordnance Survey BoundaryLine [vector] Data

"Use the OS OpenSpace API to add Ordnance Survey maps to your website or blog."

Finally after many, many requests Ordnance Survey have updated their OpenSpace API which now allows adverts on your site!
See the OpenSpace API FAQ for more details on this

New Features:

Look-up services
  • OS OpenSpace boundary look-up
  • Postcode look-up
  • Place name look-up

A single API key may access data up to the following daily usage limits:

  • 40 000 tiles of mapping data in a 24-hour period.
  • 1 000 Place name look-ups (Gazetteer service) in a 24-hour period
  • 1 000 Postcode look-ups in a 24-hour period
  • 1 000 OS OpenSpace boundary look-ups in a 24 hour period
A New Gallery:

OS OpenSpace API Updated

The gallery includes projects like
Manchester cycling club (overlaying .gps routes on 1:50k mapping)

Satellite Dish Alignment (click UK Map to find the OS Mapping)

Whereisthepath (now 40,000 tile impressions per day due popularity - now using Google Appspot) *a Mapperz favourite all round mapping mashup.

Geograph Photos on an OpenSpace Map (Shows all the Geography photos - please do not use it to geo-locate photographs)

Public Footpaths [OpenSpace] on iPhone (designed specifically to be displayed on the Apple iPhone.)

Bike Hike (May 2009 update: Finding routes has been revised. Also revised so course points are now downloaded in GPX tracks and routes as waypoints)
Sky Cam (Latest skycam images using the Ordnance Survey OpenSpace Mapping)
Bikes & Boots (currently unavailable - Updated 12 May 2009)

Hill-baggin (Hill walkers and summit-baggers, attempting to provide accurate Ordnance Survey grid references for the 3000ft mountain tops, and prominent lower hills, of Scotland.)

Kent Trails
(Lots of trails [155 miles worth] in the County of Kent)

For more details and terms and conditions please see

Official OpenSpace API Demos - now including BoundaryLine data [wards, administration boundaries etc]

Thanks to Bill Chadwick [Whereisthepath author for the additional information]

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