02 February 2009

New BBC Weather Maps Website (Revamp)

New BBC Weather Maps Website

[8.30am currently this has not 'switched over' - probably because of 'snow' on the internet]

BBC Weather - Revamp New Maps
New, Faster and more Interactive Maps from the BBC
(now supports tabs and is updated much more often)

Today the BBC have launched the biggest re-vamp for the Weather Pages of the BBC site.
Huge improvements across the board.

"The BBC Weather site has been redesigned and from Monday 2nd February accessible to all users."
BBC Weather - Revamp New Maps Legend
Compasion legend made more accessible for users.
The Beta version of the new site has been live since September 2008 to give you a preview of the new look and a chance to try the new site slowly the BBC have been adding new features and content and fine-tuning it based on users feedback.

"The new site is designed to give you all the information you need for your local area, from a detailed forecast for the next 24 hours and 5 day outlook to maps, video and any other relevant information we have."

Technology has also developed since the Weather site was first created and we have been able to take advantage of this to improve your experience of our site.

The Changes:
Indication of confidence frequency with which the forecasts are recieved from the Met Office.

All forecasts have a margin for error. BBC Weather developing a new feature that will allow our forecasters to publish an ongoing discussion of confidence in the forecast.

Detailed Forecasts
Today's forecast for UK locations on the main weather site will no longer be illustrated by one summary symbol.

A three-hourly breakdowns to show more clearly how the weather will change over the 24 hours to come.

Local Forecasts:
The design of the new site is based on giving you all you need for your local area - BBC has been creating a 'one-stop shop' for each location.

Forecast Videos
Embedded forecast videos on each local forecast.

For UK locations, you will be able to watch your latest regional TV weather forecast, as broadcast on TV, during the week in addition to our UK and World Summaries.

Easy access to all forecast data - page modules so that you can 'close' content you don't use so often.
(These settings will be stored so each time you come back, the page will be as you left it. The content won't disappear from the page so you know you can always get it if you need it).

Better navigation
The site is now much 'flatter' which means that it is easier to navigate.

All forecast information for a location on one page this means that once you've searched for your location you won't need to go looking for other content that relates to it.

The search is also being improved to accommodate spelling mistakes and identify the nearest forecast for a location you are looking for even if the Met Office don't provide an exact forecast.

You will be able to save up to 6 favourite locations in the 'My Weather' module so you can access these forecasts quickly.

More interactive elements
Each module is interactive - you can open and close them depending on whether you are interested in the forecast info or not.

The map presenter will also be more interactive and you will be able to view maps for surrounding areas without leaving the page.

"Although on the 2nd February the main content will be available in the new look and feel, some content will still only be available on the old site. We will continue to move information from the old to new site over the next few months as well as develop new features on the site."

View the new Website

(users can access the new site by clicking the 'new site arriving' image)

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The new maps doesnt work in IE 7 with Flash Player 10 installed.


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