05 November 2008

Northern Ireland Flood Maps [Now Available]

Northern Ireland Flood Maps [Now Available]

Northern Ireland Flood Map Belfast

Flood Maps for Northern Ireland have now been released and available online

Historical Data is available
NI Flood Map Belfast Historic
Searching by Postal Address is made easy:

"The Strategic Flood Map (NI) - Rivers & Sea has been developed by Rivers Agency in co-operation with the Department of the Environment (DOE). The primary aim of the Strategic Flood Map is to provide an illustration of the areas throughout Northern Ireland that are estimated to be at risk of flooding from rivers and the sea."

"Rivers Agency has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Strategic Flood Map (NI) is of a quality and reliability consistent with its purpose. However, there is no guarantee that the information contained within the Strategic Flood Map (NI) is accurate, complete or up to date and therefore the responsibility rests with the user to undertake appropriate validation."

The slippy Maps look good, the interactive legend works well.

"Rivers Agency will not be responsible if the information contained in the Strategic Flood Map (NI) is misinterpreted or misused and therefore users must satisfy themselves that the map is suitable for their intended purpose. In no event shall Rivers Agency, under any cause of actions of any kind, arising out of or related to the use of the Strategic Flood Map (NI) be liable for any loss of profits or direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or other loss suffered by the user."

Note on all images on this post:
"All intellectual property rights within the flood map and within this website generally are owned by Rivers Agency or its licensors and are subject to Crown Copyright."

"You may make use of the information contained within the Strategic Flood Map (NI) provided that it is not for any commercial, business, professional or other income generating activity and provided that the usage is not detrimental to Rivers Agency, its activities or the environment. Please contact us if you need permission for any other use." Provided that you comply with the aforementioned restrictions you may take up to 50 copies of the Strategic Flood Map for use by yourself (for non-commercial and internal use) by printing out the page you are viewing. PDF link

Full Users Guide [PDF Format]

Maps Slow? - This is due to the High Demand and Limited Bandwidth - if slow try in a couple days

Note: Mapperz was given permission to use the above images - please seek permission if you want to post/blog or email them.

Thanks to dardni for making this post possible.

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