20 October 2008

Argentina Live Maps - Beta [But...]

Argentina Live Maps - Beta [But be careful]
Live Maps Argentina Beta
Buenos Aires but locals notice there are incorrect road names.
source: http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/

"This site comes with geocoding places and addresses, road maps, satellite imagery and photography and traffic incident and flow information. In terms of content, this is what you get which is a great framework to build on"

Argentina Bad Data
Though be careful, this dataset is highly inconsistent.
(yes those are floating parallel roads that lead nowhere)

Okay this is seasonal lake - but the spec tends to lean towards an all year lake that vanishes completely at zoom level 11.

There also seems to be a lot font problems on the roads.

Data is not joining up and the fonts are not correct in the raster files.

**but be careful - data across the country seems very inconsistent**
(google did use this data but proved to be difficult to update due to the original data being incorrect or incomplete and removed the tiles.)
good luck Microsoft...fortunately listed as 'Beta'


Though Microsoft might want to know Navteq have just finished capturing a new dataset for Argentina.

might be a better dataset to use in the long run.

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At Tuesday, October 21, 2008 11:21:00 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

I´m from Argentina, living at Buenos Aires. Saying that data is inconsistent is a lie..It´s worst than that!.. I´ve tried to search a direction. First try, send me to a US city. After adding "Buenos Aires" to the same search, sent me to a town in US near the mexican border. Finnally, adding "Argentina"... was too much for Microsoft: It doesn´t know where it is my country.. =) I rather prefer Google showing nothing than this data mess..


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