17 September 2008

Google Developer Day 2008 - Wembley Stadium London

Review of the Day at Wembley Stadium 17/09/2008
Wembley Turf
The new turf getting laid down for the next event England v Kazakhstan
(thanks the friendly security guard for letting me go turf side to take this pic.)

Google Developer Day, London,UK
Nothing amazingly new, geolocation for mobiles, GeoIP location, some new phone that shows maps fairly quickly. (though not it's real location)

Google Developer Day 2008,Wembley Stadium, London, UK
Meeting some of the real developers people for Google Maps API but not all. Some wanting more details of what is coming - like the reverse geocoder and new geocoder response (creates a bounding box set of coordinates so zoom levels can be applied).
But Google rarely give away what is likely to be coming out.

Seemed a little less busy than last years event maybe due to having more space.

Some items like 'clouds' and 'dojo' completely over my head for some of it.
Like the Google Apps potential for saleability - 4 users or 400,000 users hosted and load balancing handled by Google.

(jump to 2.25 minutes in the video to view the maps)

Good Food, Good Location, Good Company made a nice day out.

Thanks to all that made it happen.

Update: 12/09/2008

Google Developer Day 2008(London,UK)

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Google have announced the full line up for the day

Here are the 'Mapping' related sessions

Mashing up Google Data APIs
Ryan Boyd
This session will provide a quick overview of Google Data APIs and demonstrate some ways to use them in mashups with other APIs like Maps, App Engine and more. Expect to see code in a variety of languages.
Prerequisites: Developers attending this session should be comfortable with at least one of PHP, Python, JavaScript or Java. Experience working with REST-based APIs a plus.

A Deeper Look at Google App Engine
Mano Marks
Google App Engine allows you to build and run applications on the same highly scalable web infrastructure that Google uses to run it own applications. This allows you to build an application once, and then never have to worry about how many people are using it, how many machines you're using, or how you're going to handle all the traffic. This talk will introduce you to the basic features of Google App Engine, and walk you through building a quick, interactive application.

Some of the topics we will cover are:
App Engine's Datastore
Authentication using Google accounts
The web framework
Our image manipulation API
Using Memcache
App Engine best practices
This session is intended for intermediate developers who are new to Google App Engine.
Prerequisites: If you want to follow along with setting up an application, then you should have a laptop with Python 2.5 and the App Engine Development Server installed and an App Engine account. Python knowledge is helpful but not required.

What's New in Geo
Russell Middleton
This session will cover recent developments in Google Maps and Google Earth, including the Earth browser plugin and new ways to share and leverage geographic data.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of XHTML, CSS, XML and Javascript

Gears for mobile and the new Geolocation API
Charles Wiles
This session will provide an overview of Gears and it's usefulness in mobile browsers and then focus on how you can easily location-enable web apps with a few simple javascript calls.
Prerequisites: You should have reviewed the Gears APIs on code.google.com/apis/gears and in particular, have familiarised yourself with the Geolocation API.

Note:It is recommended you have a laptop with the 'Prerequisites' installed.


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