02 July 2008

Satbeams Map

Satbeams Map

Satbeams Generates Transparent Polygons
Satbeams generates transparent polygons on the fly for each selected satellite 'beam'.

Satbeams Signal Strength Map
This example shows signal strength (useful for finding out receiver dish/antenna size)

"The site allows to view the Satellite Coverage maps for most of the satellites all over the globe in Google Maps format. At the same time it is possible to place markers on the map stating which frequencies/channels one can receive at the specific location and view what others can receive from the selected satellite in different places of the world."
Alexander -Satellite Coverage Maps

Current stats (subject to expanding numbers)

Number of Satellites: 226
Coverage maps: 641

Number of receivers: 4933
Number of Antennas: 289
Number of LNBs: 416

Registered Users have more
  • Save markers on the map and report which satellites and beams one can receive there
  • See the markers saved by other members (perhaps there is someone already receiving selected Satellite/Beam in the neighbourhood)
  • Add Satellite equipment to the reception report including the antenna model, receiver and Lnbs (Low-noise Block Converter)
  • Report different news - frequencies, channels and even new equipment (i.e. receivers, dishes, Lnbs...)
As a result, the more people place markers with their reports the more accurate information is available to Sat-TV users all over the globe.

Mapperz notes there was a lot of work done on the website - it took
several months of several people to make the website.
More features to come in a 2-3 months from now. So stay tuned.
Congratulations to the team for creating a useful mapping tool.


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