02 July 2008

ArcGIS 9.3 Web-based Help Now Available

update 02/07/2008 (7pm)

best and worst of the Help

Great to see the ArcGIS 9.3 Help up and running for all users now.

One thing I have noticed is the ‘Geoprocessing Center’ promised is either late coming or still out of date…(anyone know anymore?)


The best updated function so far is the 'Near' Command (ArcInfo Only)
Supporting Input points,lines, polygons and multipoint.
(a long time request)


old version only supported points as an input


Mapperz (via the James Fee 'Spatially Adjusted' Blog Comments

ArcGIS 9.3 Web-based Help Now Available

ESRI finally have updated their Support pages with 9.3 web-based Help

Quick picks

PDF Support (Acrobat 9.0)
(export with layers and attributes)

Postgres Connection
(via ArcSDE)

ArcGIS 9.3 Shortcuts

Animation of Data

And finally ArcGIS understands nominal scales!

so now One inch = 5 miles works. (thank you ESRI)

ESRI 9.3 Help now 'out of beta' and available for all to view and use.

New Features and Helpful 'error' messages have plain English explanations


The final build number for ArcGIS 9.3 is Build 1770
via Mandown (NZ)

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