03 July 2008

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 6 - Announcement

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 6 - Announcement

So you just got 9.3?
Now you can fix you 9.2 with Service Pack 6.

Confused? Users are.
Which is the most up-to-date? Which is the more Stable?

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 6 Announcement

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 6 is planned to be available for download later in July, 2008

Might be worth the wait until 9.3 SP1 if some of these are missed in the released version.

9.2 SP 6 fixes - Mapperz quick pick

NIM006823 - When zooming in and using the Identify tool during a redraw, the values returned are NoDATA.

NIM007248 - ArcMap hangs when adding a field to a shapefile after using the Select by Attributes dialog box and leaving the dialog box open

NIM007810 - Construct Features tool fails with error message "Failed to construct features" when attempting to construct polygons from lines

NIM011023 - Deleting or renaming a Cartographic Representation from a feature class causes ArcMap to crash when opening a .mxd

NIM032774 - Group elements in the data frame and in annotation may disappear when editing is projected on the fly.

NIM033517 - When using Select By Location to process a large dataset, the following error may display: An unexpected error occurred in the Select By Location command

NIM034793 - ArcMap crashes when tracing around a large dataset.

NIM035777 - Features disappear when selecting features with the Select Features tool from a layer (shapefile or geodatabase)

NIM034395 - A JPEG with a non-standard header does not display correctly at 9.2.

Windows Vista Woes

NIM032480 - Windows Vista only: Viewing metadata in ArcCatalog and exporting metadata using the Export Metadata dialog box in ArcCatalog fails with Vista SP1

NIM032629 - Windows Vista only: Unable to delete more than two fields from a shapefile in the same ArcMap session. The shapefile is locked after the second field is deleted.

NIM033840 - Windows Vista only: Using the ESC key to cancel drawing of large datasets in ArcMap can render the application unresponsive until the drawing is complete

Careful connecting to 9.3 geo-databases

NIM034190 - An Upgrade message still appears in ArcCatalog when connecting from a 9.2 client to a 9.3 geodatabase. When a 9.2 client dismisses the message box, the next time a 9.3 client connects, the geodatabase must be upgraded

Built-in Help
NIM034715 - Updated help files to fix typos, broken links, and software changes.


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