03 June 2008

BBC Broadband Speed Map

BBC Broadband Speed Map

The BBC has a UK Broadband Map that is visually showing people the 'actual' speeds they are getting via their broadband connection.

BBC Broadband Speed Map
The shows (when zoomed in) the current state of download speeds - not necessarily the speeds they will get when signed up to broadband.
Broadband Map.(Beta)

"Distance from the local telephone exchange is one factor governing connection speed, and people living in the countryside may find their service is considerably slower than those in urban areas."

'Towns triumph in broadband tests'
By Rory Cellan-Jones,Technology Correspondent, BBC News explains from a very small boat in the NW of Scotland where BT have an exchange 9 miles away so residents cannot have normal broadband, but through a university they have installed wifi (wimax?) - via a mast linking them with the Isle of Skye.
They now enjoy a 3mb download connection.

T claims more than 99% of the country can now get broadband, but rural customers may still find it a struggle to get the speed they need for services like streaming video."

Other Broadband resources

News - BBC is now using a large file to get better results.

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At Saturday, June 07, 2008 1:38:00 am, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

Now they have an NHS map as well.


Seems to be the same designer.


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