30 April 2008

192.com Boosts Spatial Local Searches

192.com Boosts Spatial Local Searches

The Search company that is investing in the power of Geographical Searching has now updated and integrated in to map based searching.

"192.com’s Local Search Solution merges its business records within mapping technology to bring local search to life. Businesses can now fully integrate 192.com’s mapping technology on to their sites by geo-coding their own data giving consumers an overall better user experience"

"...which has the ability to merge maps with over 4.5million business records and make this available to third parties"

192.com Search based on Map Area
Searching on the map quickly pulls local information to the user. Multiple search terms can be applied.

'192.com’s Local Search Solutions' default local services are:

  • Car parks
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Petrol Stations
This is along the lines of Yahoo new local search (see previous post)
This is the future of 'local' searching, very powerful and very fast.
(192.com contains over 630 million records)

Try it yourself
zoom in and enter a search term.

"192.com is the de facto standard search engine for finding people, business and places across the UK."


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