12 March 2008

StreetView - MapJack vs Google

Update3 17/03/2008
MapJack adds Sausalito, CA, USA to the list.

Update2, 15/03/2008
has draggable markers and 'flip' to streetview mode (full screen)
just needs the directional markers to complete the set.

Update Google Map API StreetView New! 13/03/2008
Working well here:
(just need the drag human icon now)

unofficial documentation (Mike Williams)

StreetView - MapJack vs Google

MapJack is designed to provide good looking pictures from cities all over the world, and to get the "immersive" feeling of actually being there.
MapJack feature three main functions.
Displays immersive panorama pictures. Map the current location in both the panoramic pictures and showing directions.
The search function, find street addresses and local businesses
MapJack Coverage:
San Francisco, USA Chiang Mai, Thailand
Coming Soon are:
Lake Tahoe
Yosemite National Park
Palo Alto
San Jose
Las Vegas

Here is a Video showing the functionality of MapJack in Thailand.

Full Help
Unlike the Google Maps StreetView you can do the following in MapJack
Preload pictures
Show visual aids (compass,loading wheel, address information, movement and zoom buttons on screen.)
Show blue dots (MapJack Coverage)
Show grid (texture and projection mapping the picture.)
Quality - you can increase or decrease the Quality of the panoramic image.

Top Tip
Click and hold the radar beam near the 'Jack' (Icon) and panorama picture shows what Jack can currently see. The 'radar' beam coming out from under Jack is an indication
of what direction Jack is looking, and how wide he can see.

Privacy and legal issues.
MapJack panoramas are all captured on public property with the intention to show a city and it's features. If you feel that a picture contains unproper exposure use the
Feedback Form.

Google StreetView
Google StreetView released on May 29th, 2007 with a few cities in the US, now covering more cities in the US. 32 cities in fact

We are now watching you Google.

Google Maps API StreetView New! (good timing)
A very recent development (today 12/03/2008) has been the found but Mike Williams. Version 2.103 of the Google Maps API has had StreetView functionality added.

This is NOT official so not supported (as yet). Mike Williams has a few *temporary links* in which users can view this.

Shows todays progress.
Mapperz version

Well who wins?

In this case, it's unfair to say either is a clear winner, Mapperz prefers MapJack's 'User Interface' has more functions more interaction on the surroundings, while the might of Google tries to map and photograph every square inch of every US City (and told not to in places) they do have more coverage.

But MapJack wins on being the first location outside of the US (Chiang Mia, Thailand). Well done.
No UK yet but maybe in the near future (?)
So a draw? Well I think there is a learning curve for both - seeing both developments is innvotation in itself, hopefully they can learn from each others methods and
visualisation. Comments welcome on this.

Future of Streetview.
Privacy and security is the big issue. Some Countries even neighbours of the US are aware of there own privacy laws (Canada) Coverage need to be complied with.
This will be a big presence in the coming months and years, rumours and sightings of cars with 360 degree cameras on them are abundant. Even London

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At Wednesday, March 12, 2008 11:02:00 pm, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

Well spotted on the Streetview.

I've thrown together a quick example where the streetview actually appears in the infowindow (again working on a Mike Williams example).


I'm now going to try and work out how to move the map when you move in the streetview.

At Saturday, April 19, 2008 11:16:00 pm, Blogger FlagFreak said...

Good analysis and comparison. Check out my reviews at my Street View blog. This is my post on why Street View is the best. I hope you like it!

Nice blog, by the way. ;)


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