07 March 2008

Internet Explorer 8 (Beta) - Mapping Placename Locations

Internet Explorer 8 - Map Locations fast

Simple and useful - Select a placename on a webpage (BBC News in this example)

Right click and get a map of the selected text.

This is 'geocoding' on the fly using selected text and sending a request to Microsoft Live and return the Map in the overview window.

IE8 Map Live Geocoding
Note: Map Overlay moved to show selected text
News Page Source: BBC News

IE8 is available (for developers) - Release notes here
Please note this is in 'Emulate IE7' mode as the 'tooltips' seems to be disable in IE8 Mode.

Typically you only get Microsoft Live Maps....
** Double clicking on the map zooms in but no option for zooming out, or changing map mode.
*** Route from here could be easily implemented from this.

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