13 March 2008

BBC School Report Map 2008

BBC School Report Map using Microsoft Virtual Earth

BBC School Report 2008 Map Virtual Earth
"This is a map of schools taking part in School Report 2008. Navigate and zoom by using the buttons at the top left of the map. Click on a marker to find out about that school."

and in 3D...

BBC School Report 2008 Map Virtual Earth 3D

Map Feedback

(Currently locations in 3D do not display the info window correctly)

*3D View requires Virtual Earth 3D (Beta) plugin pre-installed

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At Thursday, March 13, 2008 7:37:00 pm, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

It seems a strange choice to go for Virtual Earth over Google Maps when the BBC are using Google Maps elsewhere (e.g World on the Move). I assume the BBC must have different development teams / companies working on different projects.

The info windows wouldn't work for me after switching back from 3d to 2d as well. Even in 2d the whole map seems very laggy. I don't know how many tags there are - the map's speed suggests they are pushing the capabilities of Virtual Earth.

Or maybe I just need a new computer.


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